We accompany you from the idea to the MVP and Go-To-Market πŸš€.

Programs and Services for entrepreneurs: We help you validate business ideas, get the first customers and launch the product to the market.

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From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

Already +200 founders have built, launched and scaled their startups with Novolabs.

A tech partner will accompany you on your journey

At Novolabs you will find an expert team in startups, product and technology, committed to provide you with comprehensive support during the early stages of your company.

We have been in your shoes and we want you to make as few mistakes as possible.

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MVP Program
Launch your MVP in less than 3 months
Build the first version of your product based on what your customers want, and iterate the product by listening to feedback from early adopters.
Startup Accelerator Program
Launch your startup with Novolabs mentoring
With the support of a Novolabs mentor and partner, validate your idea, create your startup, design your MVP and get your first customers.
Startup course
The definitive course for
Learn about the framework with the methodology to create your startup, validate your idea, define your MVP and get your first customers.


"We wanted a company that we felt comfortable working with, that we saw, or felt that they were going to be agileand that they were going to listen to us... Trust was very important, it was given to us from the beginning and it showed with the work."

"A high level of professionalism from all its members... You can see that they did research work, it wasn't just grabbing what we told them and doing something based on what we told them... there is an important work to leave the client happy in the expected results."

"I leave quite happy with what they have solved for me... it's not just doing the work but becoming part of the team... The professionalism they handle is very good, I really like that they don't just limit themselves to doing what they are told."

"I was convinced by the fact that they are into the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem, so it was easy to raise the needs and for them to understand what limitations or what possibilities we had on a startup level."

"I felt very connected, you were a team that has everything very set up, but they treat you as if you were one of them. They don't do everything you tell them to do, and they don't do what they want. That's the point, I find a perfect balance between having your own team and an external partner."

Our Manifesto

Do you have an idea but don't yet know if someone would be willing to pay for it?

GUIDE to create your startup without building a mvp

Learn how to validate business ideas without wasting time and money.

The objective of this guide is to help you get your first customers before creating a product.
The gateway to our methodology, just a click away.

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