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We are your right partner to launch your startup, from idea to MVP: clear processes, proven methodology and our secret sauce πŸ˜‰.

I want you to join me πŸš€.

we have already accompanied +45 founders

Here you will not find unicorns or corporates, because we only help entrepreneurs who are starting their startup.

how we will accompany YOU

After three years of learning the hard way, we understood that building a startup is not just about making good apps. That's why we focus on accompanying you in every stage of your journey with the right team and the right mindset.

A tech partner will accompany you on this journey

The Chief Novo Officer (CNO) is your expert startup tech partner and together with the NovoTeam they will sweat it out just like you.

You'll have your fucking right hand man who will help you create the product while you focus on bringing in customers to pay the payroll. πŸ˜…


Validate your idea and get your first interested customers
Understand in depth the problems and motivations of your target, build the desired solution and validate it with your first interested customers.
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Launch your MVP in less than 3 months
Build the first version of your product based on what your users want and iterate the product by listening to feedback from the first
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Concerns? We are here to solve them

Who is Novolabs for?

Novolabs is for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps of their startup and need a tech partner to get them through the first stage.

How can we help you?

Through our support programs, the NovoTeam will take you from the 'validate the idea' stage to the'product-market-fit' stage.

What will you get out of working with Novo?

In addition to the results of each program, you will have an unforgettable Startup experience... And you will take with you the best product, business and technology practices for the rest of your life.

Why Novolabs?

We are a Startup just like you, we know what your shoes weigh, and we know the challenges involved in setting up a profitable technology company.

Does Novo work 100% on an equity basis?

At the moment our model does not involve asking entrepreneurs for a share of their company. We know the potential that startups have and how hard it is to create one to ask you for a share just when you start.

On the road, entrepreneur?

Here is your company

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