Here's what gets us up every morning.
These are our 10 commandments:


We came to change the rules of the game.


We only accompany startup founders like us.


We build startups to change the world, money is just a consequence.


We only create solutions to real problems.


We are a startup, not a software factory or consultants.


We only work with people with whom we share values.


People and equipment are the most important thing.


The important thing is to generate value, here it is not about 🦄.


People who understand the impact of entrepreneurship collaborate with Novo.


The important thing is the journey, not the goal, and having the opportunity to participate in something truly incredible.

novolabs exists for a simple reason...

Have you ever thought about what life would be like in a world without entrepreneurs?

There would be no cars, internet, computers or telephones.

As recently as 400 years ago, 98% of people lived in poverty.

It was not until the origin of the first loans that society began to prosper.

Put yourself in the year 1600. Your father taught you to fish and survive from the sea, but you are part of 98% of the world's poor.

One day you came across a curious bourgeois who asked you to sell him some fish and offered you a financial loan. The account was simple: he gave you money, and you paid him back over time and with interest.

With that money you bought a raft and the hours you spent fishing multiplied in productivity: every time you went out you came back with kilos of merchandise to sell, instead of a couple of fish to feed your family.

You know how the story goes. You reinvested in that activity and from raft to boat, from boat to fleet and a team of fishermen working for you. Eventually you were the largest fish supplier in your town.

And that happened because of the resources you obtained to make it happen.

Clayton Christensen defines innovation as: "The identification of areas of opportunity offered by 'non-consumption' for the creation of new markets and the generation, with it, of greater wealth and well-being in society (reflected in education, access to health, employment, etc.)."

The world does not advance with charity. Giant NGOs have been operating for over 70 years and burning trillions and have been nothing more than a stopgap so that the root problem doesn't hurt so much.

People need education, skilled work and new, more accessible ways of acquiring products and services. Only in this way, they will have a prosperous life for themselves.

This is why Novolabs was born. Not for money or glory. But because we are entrepreneurs who have the superpower, through our companies, to create real changes that have a positive impact on the social order.

We will be there to accompany those who decide to embark on this path.

On behalf of the NovoTeam,
Tomy - Co-founder & CEO