Launch your AI MVP in 8 weeks 🚀

Turn your idea into an innovative startup in record time: we build your MVP with GPT-4 and No-Code tools

How do we do it?

Before starting the development, we perform a deep analysis to understand your objectives, know the main problems to be solved and define a solution.
We create MVPs with artificial intelligence using the world's most advanced natural language processing technology: ChatGPT's GPT-4.
We use the best technologies on the market to launch MVPs, allowing you to save time and money in the development of your digital product.

They trust us

Our partner had a clear objective: to digitize the end-to-end raffle management process. The focus was put on the raffle creation process in order to attack the most important pains.
Pol came to Novolabs with an idea already locked in. He wanted to move his face-to-face educational offerings to virtual. That is why we digitized and improved the whole experience with a focus on providing the best content and accompanying his students.
MIRO Selectivity
Jose, Patricia and Emilio came to Novolabs with a very clear idea: a platform to connect with ticketing companies and event promoters so that their users can download their tickets in an app with all the security and traceability of NFT.


Boost your business idea:
Your MVP with AI and No-Code to test, adjust and improve your business idea in the market.
Saves time and money:
We build your MVP faster and cheaper with No-Code tools.
Access to advanced technology:
We develop your MVP with GPT-4, the leading AI in the market.
Launch your MVP in weeks:
You will be able to launch your MVP in only 8 weeks thanks to our processes and technologies.
Forget about technical complexity:
We take care of the technologies so you can focus on your business.
Become a pioneer:
Stand out in your industry with a cutting-edge AI product.
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For whom is the MVP Vertical with AI targeted?

A) Our MVP Vertical with AI is focused on entrepreneurs who have a validated business idea and want to create an innovative solution using technologies such as GPT-4 and No-Code tools.

B) If you haven't validated your business idea yet, I recommend you first have potential customers and then build an MVP, for that you can look at our Validate Program.

How can GPT-4 technology improve my MVP?

GPT-4 is the world's most advanced natural language processing technology, which means it can help create smarter and more effective digital products.

GPT-4 can be used for example for: chatbots, sentiment analysis, text generation, language translation and much more

To see more information about GPT-4 I recommend you visit their website.

What No-Code tools do you use for the development of MVPs?

While we use a variety of No-Code tools, we focus mainly on Bubble, a platform for creating web and mobile applications without programming skills.

Bubble is one of the best No-Code platforms on the market, with more than 2 million applications created.

Do I need to have technical knowledge to work with you in the development of my MVP?

Not at all! We take care of all the technical complexities, our goal is to make the process of developing your MVP as easy as possible for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

How much does it cost to develop an MVP with AI and No-Code tools?

It's very difficult, and even irresponsible, to tell you how much it might cost without knowing exactly what you want to build.

However, our focus on using advanced technologies and No-Code tools means we can develop MVPs more economically than traditional methods.

Contact us to learn more about your project and understand the budget to develop your MVP.