Top 7 Startups Built on No-Code

Santiago Lopez

10 minutes

If I tell you that No-Code has a huge potential, at this stage, I am not discovering anything. The growth of No-Code and Low-Code tools is undeniable, especially post-pandemic.

Companies such as Bubblewhich has raised +100M in its Series A in mid-2021, or Airtable which closed a $735M round in December 2021, are a clear example of the great progress of this type of tool in the technological world.

For those who don't know Bubble, it is a platform that allows you, once you have acquired some basic concepts, to build websites and web-apps very quickly and easily, with a level of complexity that few No-Code tools on the market allow you to do.

You can create anything from a Social Network, a Fintech, a SaaS, or even a Marketplace. The possibilities are enormous.

AirtableAirtable, on the other hand, is a productivity platform with an Excel-like spreadsheet that helps you organise data within your workspace.

These disruptive technologies expand the physical boundaries of individuality and empower people who previously had no access to such functionalities.

Until a few years ago, phones and computers were a family commodity, not a personal necessity. Today we take it for granted that every member of a family has his or her own smartphone, even his or her own computer. This responds to the needs of the market in the 21st century where the individual is increasingly connected and empowered.

Tools such as Bubble, Webflow or Airtable, among many others, give access to a universe of possibilities to those people with enthusiasm and energy for entrepreneurship, but without the technical facility for programming. With No-Code, creating is not "easier", but more accessible.

It is true that No-Code tools require a certain learning curve, and therefore many people may find them too much of a burden to learn. However, once you get over those first hurdles, the tools are easy to master. With basic knowledge + desire + hours of practice, you can become, within a matter of months, a No-Code Developer with intermediate skills to develop the ability to create almost anything you set your mind to.

I think one of the best ways to understand the potential of these tools is just by seeing what others have built.

That's why I selected 9 of the best Startups built with No Code, shall we see them?

Edify. Built on Webflow

Spain's Edify is a platform that aims to help you through the process of moving into your ideal home with as few worries as possible.

Their main goal is to discover spaces and turn them into unique homes. Moving home can be a long and stressful process. Edify tries to solve this problem by offering confidence and security throughout the process of getting and/or renovating your home.

They used Webflow to create their Landing Page and thus validate the project with potential users. They have gone through the Lanzadera accelerator and are expanding their operations to the main cities in Spain.

Comet. Built in Bubble

Comet allows freelancers to find work from the comfort of their own home. At the same time it gives companies access to highly skilled people, which can be useful if they are looking for engineers or equipment at short notice.

Comet went on to raise $800,000 USD in monthly revenue with a platform built entirely on Bubble.

In 2018, it raised a $12.8 million investment round that sparked significant momentum in product development. The company is still alive and kicking to this day.

Incomee. Built in Bubble

Incomee is a simple and agile invoicing tool for freelancers that helps them manage their business from proposal to payment. And it was built 100% with Bubble.

With a simple but beautiful design, Incomee allows you to:

1) Track your earnings on multiple customer payments in just a few minutes of work.

2) Manage your independent business processes on a single dashboard through invoices and proposals, quotes, expenses and receipts.

3) Send invoices that are pleasing to the eye.

Within a few weeks of its launch, it already had 1000 free users and 20 premium (paid) users.

Paytable. Built in Bubble

Paytable allows you to sell through Airtable, Notion, Coda, Sheets and more. It was specifically designed to monetise research and information products.

It is a very good way to start selling on Airtable: They help you with the payment, the website, the access control and you have a dashboard to see customers, interested leads, etc.

It's a super interesting tool. It's 100% built with Bubble using Airtable and Stripe APIs. They offer a 7 day Free Trial and then you can choose between the Pro $29 x month Growth $59x month or Business $89 x month plans.

It is worth noting its beautiful design, which is both user-friendly and very easy to use.

Nu Code. Built in Bubble

NuCode is one of the largest English-speaking No Code communities with +6k registered users.

It has an integrated community and a Marketplace to find No Code experts.

What I like most about them, apart from being 100% built with Bubble, is the clean and simple design they have achieved in all sections of their platform.

Recommended for No-Code Makers and No-Code Enthusiasts!

Moone. (Ex Think Confluent)

Moone is an assistant that uses artificial intelligence to analyse your team's feedback and provide individual support to each team member.

They have been integrated into GPT-3, one of the most innovative technologies in terms of AI and machine learning.

In addition, they already have more than 400 companies, and something curious and interesting is that they offer direct integration with Slack, to send automatic alerts.

Qoins. Built in Bubble

Qoins is an app that helps people pay off their debts through a financial coaching service. Primarily, it uses payroll deductions and summaries of daily purchases to cover someone's debt.

The creators of the application used Bubble to create the first version and test it. And even after the huge expansion of the project, they still use the No-Code platform for most commercial tasks.

They have helped people pay off more than $15 million in debts so far!

They have been in business for over 5 years and to date have raised over USD 1 Million from Angel Investors, grants and awards.

Codemap. Built in Bubble

Codemap is the first, and largest, Marketplace of expert talents in the world of No-Code and automations. They set it up in Bubble and already have +750 experts in this type of tools.

For professionals, it's great: It provides access to hundreds of clients who hire experts and No-Code, Low-Code and Automation agencies. On the other hand, the platform allows you to create a project according to your needs and wait to receive proposals from professionals to carry it out.

They have very recently launched version 2.0 and their tool is really complete, in fact it is very similar to but for No-Code.

Rebel Book Club Built in Strikingly

Rebel Book Club is an international platform that connects book enthusiasts.

How does it work? Registered club members vote for the book they should all read in the coming month. At the end of the month, they organise a meeting to discuss what they read. Thus, users interact both online and offline.

Rebel Book Club offers subscription plans. Today it has over 950 active members with a monthly income of £10,000.

The platform was built with the following No-Code tools: Strikingly, Typeform, GoCardless.

Do you have an idea to start a project or validate your hypothesis with the market? You have no more excuses, you don't need to learn a programming language to carry it out.

No-Code is the answer!

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