Validate your business idea

Learn and apply the logical process to follow to validate ideas.

Gain a deep understanding of your users' problems and motivations.

Validate the proposed solution and get your startup's first interested customers.

This program is for you if:

We created this program to help you clarify that idea and understand what solution to build.
you are not 100% clear on what solution to build
Get to know in depth the problems and motivations of your users and build the solution they need.
you have no interested customers
You will take your solution to potential customers with a process to generate and validate market demand.

our framework to VALIDATE your business idea

Implement your business idea, validating problems and motivations of your users, until you get the first interested customers.

Understanding the essence of the problem

Through workshops and interviews, you will understand what your clients' main problems are, and you will get to know their deepest motivations and needs.

Create the desired solution

We will give you the tools to create a solution aligned to the main problem of your target, and a unique and differential value proposition.

Launch a mini MVP

By understanding the validated solution and the target audience, we will help you implement experiments with which you can generate interest and demand.

Getting interested customers

Finally, you will transform that demand into your first interested customers, following a personalized lead acquisition strategy according to the target and the channel.

What do you get in the validate program?

Custom designed, ready to run
This program consists of a process designed to validate your idea. We will provide you with a step-by-step system to carry out the program.
Resources to validate and scale your idea
Throughout the program you will have all the resources, templates and tools to better understand your users, acquire interested customers and validate your business faster.
A community of people like you
During the program, you will have frequent contact and group workshops with the rest of the entrepreneurs who are going through the same process as you.

A tech partner will accompany you on this journey

The Chief Novo Officer (CNO) is your technology and product expert tech partner who will sweat it out just like you and work side by side with you.

You will have 1:1 sessions and permanent contact to receive the necessary support while you focus on implementing and carrying out the program.

Ready to validate your idea?

here is YOUR company



We accompany you for 90 days to validate your idea.

1.000 €

700 €

Lifetime access to the framework and the Novo-community.

The step-by-step system for you to follow the process.

Our suite of templates and resources for conducting all ideation, prioritization, interviewing and business validation workshops.

5 1-hour meetings with your assigned CNO, after you meet the milestones of each sprint.

2 30-minute meetings with your CNO for you to schedule whenever you need.

Group workshops with the CNO and the rest of the entrepreneurs who are going through this like you.


We validate your idea together with you.

6.500 €

All "Early Adopters Program" included.

The Novo-team is available to accompany you, implement and validate your idea with you.

We will carry out the execution of the program for you.

We will facilitate the workshops, build the experiment to be validated, and generate a funnel to capture leads and early adopters.

You will work collaboratively with your CNO and the Novolabs team for 6 weeks.

By the end, you will have your product experiment launched, a deep understanding of your users and their problems, a list of leads and potential early adopters on your agenda, and a lead acquisition strategy ready to scale and iterate.

Concerns? We are here to solve them

What is the Validar Program?

We have created a working methodology (framework) that will help you understand, step by step, how to validate a business idea and get your first interested customers without spending on an expensive MVP.

Who is the Validar Program for?

It is for restless entrepreneurs like us who can't sleep because they have an idea in their head and don't know what steps to take to transform an idea into the startup we want to create.

What will you get at the end of the Novoprogram?

At the end of the Validate Program, you will have a clear understanding of who your target person is, what problems and motivations they have, what is the desired solution and how to reach them to get your first customers.

In addition, you will take with you all the Novoframework knowledge to validate all those ideas that you always wanted to launch to the market but did not know how.

How many hours do I have to dedicate per week?

The Self-Service Program involves about 6-8hs / week. It is designed for entrepreneurs who do not have 100% of their time to carry out their idea.

The Full Program is for entrepreneurs who can dedicate a large part of their time, requiring a little more hours / week (15-20hs).

When are the next dates and deadlines?

The next batch for the Self-Service Program starts on December 12th and the closing date for enrollment is November 26th.

Our next batch for the Full Program will start at the beginning of February 2023, and will be only 3 slots. The closing date for enrollment is December 31st.

Why Novolabs?

We are a Startup just like you, we know what your shoes weigh, and we know the challenges involved in setting up a profitable technology company.

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