A Smart Cities Startup that helps to improve communication between residents, presidents and administrators of Communities throughout Spain.

Citipix is a multi-platform community organising initiative in Granada. Its starting point was the elimination of letterboxing, which was not only unwanted by residents but also a huge waste of paper. The start of the project consisted of screens on which advertisements were placed as well as community notices, important phone numbers and news.


Launch of MVP


UX Research
UI Design
No-Code Development
Project Managing


4 months


UX/UI Designers No-Code Developer Project Manager QA

How it started

Guillermo and Alex approached Novolabs looking to redesign their business experience and expand it to new horizons. In addition to the aforementioned screens, they were looking to create a platform for administrators and an app for residents to have all the information on their mobile phones.

Being a project with so many actors and initiatives, it required several meetings of understanding and a clear delineation of the functionalities that its MVP would include.

While this was being defined, we began the research process by conducting interviews with community managers, presidents and residents to learn more about their context.

With the extracted information we build our user personas and then create their user journey maps and evaluate each person's entire experience.

We also carried out a comparative benchmarking of similar platforms and mapped all platform flows in a userflow.

Working with Guillermo and Alex was very pleasant, always bringing new ideas, with a lot of energy and willingness to take the project forward.

Delfina VolontΓ©

UX/UI Designer

What we decided to do

When the research was ready we started the design process at Figma, based on their existing brand manual.

We developed a design system suitable for applications and websites and got down to work.

We started by designing the Citipix Platform, a back-office that Citipix users would use to create communities and assign administrators, among other functionalities. We then moved on to the platform for administrators, from which they accept their residents, manage a community wall and respond to their direct messages.

Nearing the end of the project, we designed a mobile app for residents, where all the information about their community is available.

As the design progressed, the development process began in Bubble, a No-Code tool that allowed us to have the platform ready in a very short time and with great fidelity.


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The result

Citipix has become a platform with great potential to enhance the experience of communities and rethink the way communities are advertised. This makes it an important player in shaping greener and smarter cities.