Platform for specialised flexible spaces. Connect available spaces with professionals to rent for as long as you want.

FindFill is a platform that publishes workspaces in different parts of Spain, through filters and a search that adapts to the user's needs, the user can quickly find the space they need. They rent it for as many days as they want and pay for it online, connecting with the owner through the platform.


Launch of MVP


UX Research
UI Design
No-Code Development


4 Months


UX/UI Designer No-Code Developer Project Manager QA

How it started

Ale approached Novolabs and we agreed on the features and defined the MVP for 3 types of users: Client, Provider and Admin.

So we would have a Front-Office part and a Back-Office part, to organise the flow of each user and the path they would take with their different functionalities, we decided to create a Userflow, to organise the whole app and mark the paths.

In addition, we added the Information Architecture to organise the content that each section would have, and the main landing page of the project.

Before we started designing, we had to do an analysis of the competition and we carried out a Benchmark to see how other similar platforms worked and to be able to have references of the decisions we wanted to make (and not).

As it is a No-Code project, we were looking for different templates that we could use as a base in Bubble (both in design and development). There was an analysis of different proposals and we chose the one that best suited the project.


"I would like to highlight the good feedback and comments we had from Ale, he always contributed to improve the designs and functionalities of the platform. We think that good communication with the client is key to get better results".

Jimena EguiazΓΊ

UX/UI Designer

What we decided to do

With the template defined, we went on to design Figma where we based ourselves on the structure of the Template but modified the flows and pre-established designs to our needs. We created a UI Kit based on the style that the client wanted (very simple, in white and gold, rounded components and delicate shadows).


We designed all the screens, first the Front-end and then the Back-end. Every week we had meetings with the client to validate the designs and user flows. At the same time, as the design progressed, the platform was developed in Bubble.


At the end of the project, we had 2 weeks of testing with the client to validate that all the functionalities were working correctly.


We design and develop the whole project for Desktop and Mobile.


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The result

FindFill turned out to be a great platform that exploits a very sought after market today. It was able to connect in an easy and intuitive way the client with the supplier, generating great results that meet the needs of each user.