We improved the reservation experience in high-end restaurants and added a Marketplace and a bidding system to buy and sell reservations. 

When it comes to exclusive restaurants, getting a reservation can be almost impossible and even more so if it is without advance notice! In case you have it and can't go, it can be a real pain to have to pay cancellation fees or lose a prepaid amount. Selling it on your Marketplace or through bidding is then a fantastic option. Our challenge was to create the MVP of this project from start to finish, encompassing research, design and development.


Launch of MVP


UX Research

UI Design

Custom Development


5 months


UX/UI Designer Custom Code Development Project Management QA

How it started

Mon and Adri from LAMESA came to Novolabs with the intention of launching their MVP, the first version of an idea that until now was not covered in the market.

While there are many platforms for making restaurant reservations, LAMESA provides a differential value with its sales methodologies.

The process started with several meetings where the clients told us their idea and their target audience. With this information in mind we put together our user archetypes and a first diagram of the platform's flows. From the very beginning we defined that the complexity of the project required a custom code even in its MVP.

"LAMESA was a project that brought several challenges. We had to solve issues on both a business and technical level. Luckily with the great involvement of Adri and Mon together with the drive of a great team we managed to find the right solutions for the needs presented."

Alejo Scotti

Co-founder & CTO

What we decided to do

We planned a process of building the platform in which the design team made sure that each section was ready for the development team to implement. The process required constant communication with the clients and some usability testing with users to validate the main flows.

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The result

LAMESA was a great challenge for the whole team, a project with great potential that will start to change the way many people book restaurants.